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Eric Flint has announced that he has submitted the final manuscript for the Ring of Fire IV anthology to Baen Books.  This volume is somewhat unique, in that it contains, in addition to contributions by Eric himself and some of the regulars in the series, a story by none other than David Brin!  How cool is that?

As it happens, I have a rather lengthy novella in the anthology (approximately 32,000 words) entitled “Hide Trouble From Mine Eyes.”  I hadn’t written it for the anthology, but when Eric read it he insisted on buying it for Ring of Fire IV.  So what’s an author to do?  smiley

Anyway, Ring of Fire IV will be published in May 2016.  If you’re a 1632/Ring of Fire fan, buy it.  If you’re a David Brin fan, buy it.  If you’re not either one, buy it so you can see what you’ve been missing.  It has another really cool cover by Tom Kidd, and it’s available for Amazon preorder at