Letters From Gronow

My sixth book, Letters From Gronow, is now available from Amazon, published by Eric Flint's Ring of Fire Press.

Link for Kindle edition:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D7YQGRP/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1527123829&sr=8-11&keywords=david+carrico

Link for paper edition:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1982978961/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1527123829&sr=8-7&keywords=david+carrico

Soon to be available from other vendors.  Here's the cover blurb:

What happens when the seventeenth century encounters Cthulhu and Nyarlathotep? What happens when the Elder Gods descend upon Magdeburg?  When literary entrepreneur Johann Gronow discovers the stories of H. P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe in the libraries and book collections of Grantville, he launches a magazine for the purpose of publishing translations of their stories.

Der Schwarze KaterThe Black Tomcat—begins attracting attention immediately. From his very first reading of the first issue of the magazine, a young bookkeeper named Philip Fröhlich develops a passion to write those kinds of stories. And so begins the quest of every author—to satisfy the requirements of an editor and make that first elusive sale.

As have millions of aspiring authors, Philip discovers it's not as easy as it looks. Time after time his submissions receive a rejection letter from Gronow. But Philip stubbornly keeps submitting, along the way discovering things about himself and the people around him that he never would have learned any other way.

Buy it!  Read it!  Enjoy it!  Review it!

I'll be ever so grateful.



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Grantville Gazette 77 Is Out!

The title says most of it.  GG 77 is available now, and I have a story entitled Pendragon in it.  Only this time, it's not a 1632 story.  It doesn't feature Franz and Marla, or Byron and Gotthild, or any of the other characters I've dealt with in the past.  Consequently, it's actually published in the Unvierse Annex section of the magazine.  Pendragon is a light fantasy story that dabbles in The Matter of Britain.  (King Arthur stuff, if you don't recognize that reference.)  It is also a bit of an homage to the articulate and sophisticated fantasies written by the team of L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt.  I think it's fun, and hopefully you will, too.

Seek it out when you get a chance.



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Revisiting The Muse of Music

This is the book that I collaborated on with Enrico Toro that was published last year by Eric Flint's Ring of Fire Press.  The publisher recently replaced the original cover art with new artwork, and reworked the content by improving the copy-editing and cleaning up the pagination so that the section and chapter pages all align correctly.

There's been no real change to the stories themselves.  It's just a cleaner, better, more professional production this time around.  So if you have read it, liked it, and want the corrected version, have at it.  If you haven't read it, it's waiting for you to buy it at the usual suspects.  :-)


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Progress on the Nightingale front!

Just received today the fully executed contract from Baen for 1636: The Flight of the Nightingale. That's a boost in what has otherwise been a hard week.

It also helps that the signature advance check was enclosed. :-)

Still have no idea what the cover will look like (although if Tom Kidd does it, it will be great), and still have no idea as to when it might be scheduled.



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More on Essen Defiant!

And now the new book is available in a Print On Demand hardcopy edition on Amazon. So it's available in both e-book and hardcopy edition now. What are you waiting for?



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Essen Defiant is on Amazon!

My newest book, Essen Defiant, a collaboration with Kin Mackey, is now available from Amazon as an e-book. See the link below.  A Print on Demand edition should follow shortly.



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And More Publishing News!

Well, tonight I signed another new book contract, this time with Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press. They’re going to produce a book from my six episode serial of “Letters From Gronow” which has been playing in The Grantville Gazette for the last year. I added a final episode that expanded the story by almost 75%. so there will be quite a bit more story to read for those who read the Gazette version.

Publication date undetermined at this point in time.


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Publishing news!

1. Today I signed my first solo contract with Baen Books for a book entitled 1636: The Flight of the Nightingale. It contains two short novels laid in the Ring of Fire universe:

·         Bach to the Future, which is the collected adventures of the Bach brothers, most of which have been published in The Grantville Gazette, but also including the final installment, for which this is the first publication.

·         The Flight of the Nightingale], an adventure story laid in northern Italy, which has never been previously published

Publication date is unknown at this point.

2. With Eric Flint's permission, I'm also announcing the pending publication of 1634: Essen Defiant, which will be published by Eric Flint's Ring of Fire Press in the near future. This may have been mentioned in earlier informal announcements, but you can consider this to be an official notice. This is a collaboration between Kim Mackey and myself, and provides the sequel to Kim's first book Essen Steel.


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Newest Story Available Soon

Well, the Grantville Gazette team has started building Volume 76, the next issue of the e-magazine.  My novelette Requiem for the Future will be the lead story in the issue, from what I understand.  It's a Franz and Marla story, for those of you who are among their fans, and it tackles a theme not often explored in the ROF universe–the price paid by the up-timers for their bringing the elements and trappings of late 20th century American culture to the past.

I think you'll like it, but fair warning:  you may want a box of tissues handy when you read it.


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And the latest work is on its way…

I finished the expansion for Letters From Gronow a couple of nights ago, and sent it off to the publisher, Eric Flint's Ring of Fire Press.  The new material almost doubles the length of the story over what was published in The Grantville Gazette, so those of you who liked that will need to be on the lookout for the book version.

Publishing updates will be posted as I get them.


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