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Letters from Gronow

What happens when the seventeenth century encounters Cthulhu and Nyarlathotep? What happens when the Elder Gods descend upon Magdeburg?

Essen Defiant

Whether it was a blessed miracle or a disastrous catastrophe, the arrival of Grantville in Europe in the year 1631 created changes that are long-lasting and spreading wider and wider as time passes.

The Span of Empire

It has become clear to both the Jao and their human and Lleix partners that if they are going to defeat the Ekhat who have been terrorizing the galaxy for eons, they need more allies.

1636: The Devil's Opera

Eric Flint and David Carrico serve up the latest entry in the best-selling alternate history saga of them all, the Ring of Fire!

The Muse of Music

When Italian musician Giacomo Carissimi hears about Up-time music in Grantville he sets off across the Alps to see and hear these wonders. Nothing will keep him from his dream of learning the new music and seeing new instruments, not even warring militias and the threats of plague.

1635: Music and Murder

The Thirty Years War was an ‘interesting’ time to be alive, in the proverbial Chinese curse sense of the word. Then Grantville arrived from the future, bringing technology and philosophies that set European civilization on its ear.

About the author

David Carrico is best known for the novels 1636: The Devil’s Opera and The Span of Empire (both written in collaboration with Eric Flint).  His most recent book, Letters From Gronow, was released in June 2018 by Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press.  David began his writing career publishing stories in The Grantville Gazette emagazine in 2004, and to date his stories have appeared in The Grantville Gazette, the Ring of Fire anthologies from Baen Books, in Jim Baen’s Universe emagazine, and in’s monthly free story offerings.


Member of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America

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