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A lot of writers listen to music while they write.  I’m one of them.  Everybody who does listens to something different, I think.  I know of at least a couple of writers who listen to heavy metal at loud volumes.  Whatever works, I guess.

Me, it has to be instrumental music for the most part.  Music with lyrics tends to distract the muse, I find.  So it’s usually light classical (especially classical guitar) or jazz.  But occasionally I lock onto a movie or show soundtrack album, and that becomes the music of choice for whatever project I’m working on.  When I was writing the first draft of 1636: The Devil’s Opera, the soundtracks to the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies were cycling through my stereo system.  Lately, it’s been the soundtrack to Downton Abbey.  But I think it’s about to get knocked out by an old favorite.

Tonight Riverdance is moving through my speakers, and the fingers are just flying along with the tempo of the music.  I think that’s going to be my muse music for the next little while, anyway.  🙂