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As a writer, I HATE outlining. I’m not an outliner. I’m very much a discovery writer. Which is okay. It works well for me.

The only times I’ve actually used outlines is in collaborative work where my partner had done an outline and we worked from it. So I’m really not very good at outlining–no practice at it at all. But now I’m having to write an outline for a new collaborative project, because the senior author asked me to do it. {sigh}

So I’m trying, but it’s very slow going. Partly because I’m no good at it, and partly because the story is shaping up to be a complex tripod story framework with three parallel story lines and character cross-overs between the lines. Plus it’s a space opera story in which aliens abound, some of which are truly alien, which takes extra thought on my part to figure out what they’re going to do in certain situations.

Even slower going.

So, I’m having to build it in Excel to keep the cross-storyline timing straight.  I’m lucky if I get one paragraph done per day.

This is going to take a while. {sigh}