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Back last year, second quarter, maybe, I wrote a nice long 1632-verse novella involving my characters Byron and Gotthilf.  It came in at a bit over 33,000 words.  The final title was Hide Trouble From Mine Eyes.

The original game plan was for it to be combined with the earlier Byron and Gotthilf stories and be published as a separate book.  However, my editor/collaborator Eric Flint changed my plans for me.  smiley

After he read it, he told me he wanted it for Ring of Fire IV, the next Ring of Fire anthology, which should come out sometime next year.  Worked for me.  smiley

Story arc-wise, Hide Trouble From Mine Eyes will fit in between the three stories in the Murder section of 1635: Music and Murder and the beginning of 1636: The Devil’s Opera.  It’s a detective story, natch.  Murder mystery.  My alpha readers tell me that it’s very good and chilling and the villain is surprising.

So Byron and Gotthilf fans, stay tuned.  As soon as I know publication details for ROF IV, I’ll let you know.