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So, recently I wrote a series of stories set in the 1632 universe.  I took a germ of an idea that I had mentioned in 1636: The Devil’s Opera, and built a story arc around it.  The idea germ was that a secondary character named Johann Gronow, a real historical personage who was a man of letters, discovered the writings of Edgar Allen Poe and H. P. Lovecraft that came back from the 20th century when Grantville translocated to 17th century Germany, and became so enamored of the idea of horror stories that he started the first horror story magazine in the world in 1634.  (I wanted to name the magazine The Black Cat Magazine, but apparently in German there isn’t a generic word for cat, so it got named The Black Tomcat Magazine.)

That’s the actual framework in which the story arc is built.  The core of the story arc is that a young man named Philip discovers The Black Tomcat Magazine, is immediately hooked on the horror stories, and very shortly develops a passion to write horror stories.  The story series is entitled Letters from Gronow, and they detail the travails Philip goes through as he tries to learn to write and keeps submitting stories to the magazine.

It’s mostly a light-hearted set of stories.  I think you’ll enjoy them.

The first story appeared in Grantville Gazette 70, the second just appeared in Grantville Gazette 71, and the remaining four should appear in Grantville Gazettes 72-75 over the next eight months or so.  See the following link.