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I have signed a contract with Baen for an e-book to be entitled 1635: Music and Murder. It will contain all of the 1632 music stories except the Johann Bach stories. Yes, this means that the main Franz and Marla cycle will now be available in a single book.

The book will also contain the three Byron and Gotthilf stories that have appeared in Grantville Gazette.

This is e-book only at this point.

Pricing hasn’t been finalized yet, but since this is all previously published material it may well come in at something lower than the usual price.

Oh, yeah, this is not just a reprint of the Grantville Gazette stories. I did some revising, mostly to clean up some factual and usage errors or to resolve some canon conflicts that had crept in. No substantial changes to the story arcs, though. It does mean that these will now be the authoritative versions of the stories.

I haven’t seen the cover yet.

Release date hasn’t been finalized yet, but since the publication is being done in coordination with the release of 1636: The Devil’s Opera, it should be available in mid-to-late September; certainly no later than October 1.

More when I know it.