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As a writer, you can’t sit still.  As soon as you finish one project, you have to begin another one.  Keeping the momentum going can be important.

In this case, I had put a novel on hold while I wrote the Byron and Gotthilf story,  It’s entitled The Span of Empire, and it will be the third novel in a series created by Eric Flint, whom I am collaborating with again.  (No, this is not a 1632 story.)  Different series, same co-author, same publisher.  Life is good.

So, I’ve been back into it for a couple of days, picking up where I left off a couple of months ago.  Wrote around 980 words tonight, and the manuscript rolling total is about 39,900 words.  This is going to run at least 120K, maybe as much as 150K words, so I’m somewhere around 20-25% done.

I think.  Since I’m not a heavy outliner, projections tend to be a bit fluid for me.  🙂