Bringer of Fire

And Baen Books today published my story "Bringer of FIre" on their website. This tells the backstory of Vikram Bannerji, one of the new characters introduced in "The Span of Empire" which will be published in three weeks.



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4 Responses to Bringer of Fire

  1. Alex says:

    What a start to Bringer of Fire! The imagery is vivid and powerfully displayed the struggle between duty and selfishness. Look forward to the story as it unfolds.

    Thank you,

    Alex Lee

    • David says:


      Glad you like it. Vikram plays a role in The Span of Empire, which comes out in three weeks. I expect we’ll be seeing more of him in the future.


  2. Adam Diran says:

    Will Span of Empire be getting an Audiobook?

    I have tragically forgotten how to read.

    • David says:

      Adam – Sorry to be so long in responding, but your comment got buried among some spam comments, and I just now filtered it out.  I believe that Span of Empire is available as an audiobook.  Check Amazon.


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