Great news! For those of you who follow my Byron and Gotthilf stories in the 1632/Ring of Fire universe, the electronic advance reader's copy (eARC) of the newest anthology, Ring of Fire IV, just became available. The book is scheduled for publication in May, but this is an advance release of the unedited manuscript for those who like such things and are unwilling to wait any longer than they have to to read it.

In addition to stories by David Brin (squee!), Chuck Gannon, and Walter Hunt, it also contains a novella by me, in which the intrepid detectives Byron and Gotthilf deal with Magdeburg's first serial killer. 

Go check it out at the link below, and feel free to purchase and review.

It has a cool cover by the oh-so-talented Tom Kidd.

It also has a story in it by some guy named Eric Flint. 🙂

So go look, buy, read, review.