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Good news tonight!

Just got a royalty statement from Baen. 1635: Music and Murder sold 1156 copies between 1/1/2014 and 6/30/2014. That makes over 3600 copies of the ebook sold in the first nine months of publication. Respectable, I believe. D

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News Update

Royalty statement received from Baen.  1636: The Devil's Opera sold over 6300 copies of the hardback edition between 10/1/2013 and 6/30/2014.  It also seems to have sold about the same number of e-book editions in the same period.  This is good. Just finished a post for Fictorians, scheduled for Dec 26 at the moment. Major […]

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Something I forgot to mention…

Back last year, second quarter, maybe, I wrote a nice long 1632-verse novella involving my characters Byron and Gotthilf.  It came in at a bit over 33,000 words.  The final title was Hide Trouble From Mine Eyes. The original game plan was for it to be combined with the earlier Byron and Gotthilf stories and be […]

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