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Grantville Gazette 77 Is Out!

The title says most of it.  GG 77 is available now, and I have a story entitled Pendragon in it.  Only this time, it's not a 1632 story.  It doesn't feature Franz and Marla, or Byron and Gotthild, or any of the other characters I've dealt with in the past.  Consequently, it's actually published in the […]

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Grantville Gazette 76 forthcoming

The editors of The Grantville Gazette will begin building the next issue, Volume 76, before too long.  I've been told I have two stories in this one:  a 1632 novelette starring Marla Linder and Franz Sylwester entitled Requiem for the Future, and a non-1632 fantasy story that will be featured in the Universe Annex section entitled Pendragon. These […]

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