So Who Is David Carrico?

I'm a writer, but you've probably gathered that.  So far my fiction has all been in the science fiction and fantasy genres.  Most of my published stuff has been laid in the 1632 universe originally created by Eric Flint in the novel 1632.  (See Bibliography page.)

I am a full member of the Science Fiction Writers of America.

I've been writing since 1977.  I've been writing professionally–i.e., getting paid for it–since 2004.

My dad was an enlisted man in the US Air Force, so I grew up all over the place.  (Remind me some day to tell you the story about moving from Fairbanks, Alaska, to Miami, Florida, in January of my junior year of high school.)

Married to the same wife for over 40 years, three children, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Soft touch for Basset Hounds.

College degree is in Music Theory and Composition, which is probably second only to Liberal Arts Literature in unimpressive earning power.

Enough trivia?

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