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Hide Trouble From Mine Eyes, a 33K word novella, was published in Ring of Fire IV, a May 2016 release by Baen Books.

The Span of Empire, the third novel in the Jao Empire series, will be published by Baen Books in September 2016.

I just completed and sold Etude, the sequel to Prelude, Adagio, and Interlude, to Grantville Gazette.  It's a novella of about 24K words length, and is the next story in the Johann Bach story arc.  Because of its length, it will probably be serialized in GG.  Not scheduled yet.


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  1. Susan Rust says:

    Will there be a fourth book in the Jao Empire series? I just finished Span of Empire and I want MORE. You did a great job of keeping the "voice and tone" true to the first two books. I don't know what part was Eric's input and what was yours but I loved all the twists and turns, new species, and everything. It is what I call a "dense" read, packed full of information with very little "fluff". The kind of book you reread and find things you missed the first time you fell into the story and devoured it.  As I said…I WANT MORE!!!


    • David says:

      Hi, Susan -

      Thanks for your comments.  One of my concerns in this project was trying to replicate the voice and tone of the first two books, and I’m glad to hear that I got pretty close. 

      Absolutely there will be more story told.  Eric hasn’t plotted out the rest of the series yet, so I don’t know just how many additional books there will be–I’m guessing at least two, maybe three.  But yes, there will be more.  Probably in about three years.

      Thanks again for the feedback.


  2. Adam Diran says:

    I asked this before but was in the wrong place.

    Will there be an audiobook'?

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