What Am I Working On Now?

Update as of 4/29/2018 – Sorry for the long delay in updating this, but my wife passed away in January, and as you might imagine, that disrupted my life to a great extent.  Several things have been published in the last few months, nonetheless.  See the Bibliography section for details.  As for work in progress, Jao Book #4, the sequel to The Span of Empire, has been put on hold for the moment due to lack of interest from Baen.  We may still write it–just not right now.  Instead, Eric and I will have a brainstorming session in the near future to build a new space opera series.  I also have at least two different 1632 story ideas rolling around in the mental fermentation tanks, neither of which is a Franz and Marla story, and only one of which would be even peripherally involved with Byron and Gotthilf.  Currently what I'm actually spending time on is a project to turn a solo fantasy novel I had written into two fantasy novels.  The original novel was entitled Fire of Stone, and that will remain the title of the new second book, which won't need much revision.  The working title of the new first book is Fire of Fire, and I'm roughly 60% of the way to my goal.  It's pretty slow going, because I've never done this kind of revision before, so I'm having to figure out how to do it as I go along.

Update as of 10/29/2017 – finished the second draft and polish of Requiem for the Future Marla and Franz novelette a couple of weeks ago, Grantville Gazette accepted it, should be published in GG 76.  Wrote another novelette entitled Lex Talionis involving Marla and Franz.  Somewhat grimmer and darker than their usual fare.  Crossed the line into what one of my fans called 'Magdeburg noir'.  GG bought it as well, although it was a tougher sell, should appear in GG 75.   Still waiting on the three book deals.  If you're not a best-selling author, not hearing about a proposal right away is usually a good thing.  In other news, I'm working on the sequel to Letters from Gronow.  Need to have that done in the next eight weeks so I can turn in a book proposal to Eric Flint's Ring of Fire Press once the serialzaion of Letters from Gronow is complete in GG.

Update as of 9/22/2017 – turned in the sequel outline to Eric a few weeks ago.  Waiting for his schedule to lighten up enough for him to be able to look at it.  Other than that, jus plugging away at shorter works for Grantville Gazette and waiting for three book deals to be decided.

Update as of 6/9/2017 – in addition to some edits and revisions of other works, I have started outlining a possible sequel to The Span of Empire.  Kind of slow going.  See my blog post about the fact that I hate outlining.  :-)  Current working title is The Forge of Empire.

Update as of 6/8/2017 – just finished the first draft of a Franz and Marla 1632 story entitled Requiem for the Future.  Needs revision and polish, but when it's ready, Grantville Gazette has already indicated they want it.

Update as of 6/7/2017 – sorry for not being more diligent about keeping this up, but real life has been very intrusive in the last 12 months, but here's a big update

 I completed Toccata.  The plans are to publish it, of course, but it's probably going to be published as part of a book deal with the rest of the Johann Bach story arc, and not in Grantville Gazette.  I'm waiting to see what form that book deal will take before I say anything else about it.  (This story was renamed Fantasia for a short time, but then reverted back to the original title of Toccata.)

I recently completed a series of connected episodes in a story arc entitled Letters from Gronow set in the 1632 universe about a young down-timer who discovers the works of Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft and decides he wants to write horror fiction.  It's not as easy as he thinks.  See the Bibliography page for publication details.

I recently completed a 1632 story entitled Whodunnit? about Andy Wulff, the lawyer character from The Taxman Cometh.  See the Bibliogrpahy page for publication details.

I recently completed a 1632 story entitled Quelles Miserables, in which Cardinal Richelieu encounters Victor Hugo.  Sold to Grantville Gazette, publication plans undetermined at this point.

We are still working plans to have my two solo fantasy novels, Fire, Salt, and Blood and Fire of Stone published.  Nothing definite yet, though.

As of 7/4/2016, I have begun work on a story entitled Toccata.  This will probably be a novella in length, and will be the concluding story of the Johann Bach story arc.

As of 7/3/2016, I have completed the revisions to The Fire of Stone, and I'm waiting on feedback from my readers as to the status of the story.

As of 6/24/2016, I have finished the novella Etude, which is the next installment in the Johann Bach story arc laid in Eric Flint's 1632 universe, and sold it to Grantville Gazette.

As of 5/22/2016, I have finished the first draft of another novel, tentatively titled The Fire of Stone.  This is a separate novel that is not connectedc to anything else I've done.  I'm waiting on feedback from my alpha readers before I start the revisions.  Meanwhile, I've written a short story that's a prequel to the novel The Span of Empire.  It's also in the hands of first readers, but will be published on Baen.com as one of their free stories just before The Span of Empire hits the streets in September 2016.


As of December 28, 2015, the third draft of "Fire, Salt, and Blood" is completed and it has been submitted to Baen.  While I wait to see what their decision is, I'm back on the YA project, which is currently sittting at 83,480 words.

As of November 2015, first draft for "Fire, Salt, and Blood" is completed and making the rounds of the readers.  While I wait on feedback, I picked the YA project back up and started advancing it.  Currently at about 65,000 words.

As of November 2014, focus has shifted to working on a fantasy solo novel project instead of the YA project.  Have more words done on it, and it will probably be a stronger first novel.  Working title is "Fire, Salt, and Blood".

As of September 4, 2014, completed the first draft of "The Span of Empire" and sent it to Eric.  Will probably be doing a bit more work on it, depending on what Eric decides it needs.  Main focus has shifted to the below-mentioned YA project.  Currently about 12K into it.

As of March 12, 2013 – Have completed the first draft of the Byron and Gotthilf story.  Came in at a bit over 32,000 words.  Title at this point is "Hide Trouble from My Eyes."  I'm returning to the novel now.

As of March 5, 2013 -

Almost done with the Byron and Gotthilf story, working title "Hide Trouble from Mine Eyes".  Looks like it's going to top 30,000 words.

As of January 24, 2013 -

Novel is sitting at 38,680.  Progress was slowed by the holidays and by having to buy a new laptop.  Currently have set the novel aside for a bit and am working my way through the latest Byron and Gottthilf story, sitting at 5140 words.

As of December 18, 2012 -

Lots of new words written, along with much editing of existing text occurring, currently at 38,546 words.

As of October 11, 2012 -

Work on the new project proceeds apace.  Currently at 27,938 words.  Target – 150,000 +/-.

As of September 13, 2012 -

Finished Euterpe 5, plus two related short stories.  Also wrote non-fiction piece about music in the post-Ring of Fire era in the 1632 universe.  Been a busy boy the last couple of months.

Have now embarked on a new collaboration with Eric Flint.  Details later.

As of July 24, 2012 -

Okay, the muse took a left turn about three weeks or so ago.  I suddenly found myself writing the sequel to an unpublished YA story I wrote about four or five years ago.  Not sure where to publish them when I'm done.  May go the self-publishing route, since these have no connection with anything else I've written.  Should be done in about a week or so, and then I'll jump back on Euterpe.

As of June 30, 2012 -

Well, the muse has been fitful this month.  I lost ground on Euterpe when my laptop went wonky and they flashed my hard drive.  Turns out my backup wasn't as comprehensive as I thought it was.  I didn't have to start over, but I lost close to 2000 words, and I'm not sure what they were.  Then the muse made me write a new unsuspected 1632 story–the one I have the post about taking 53 1/2 hours from inspiration to sale.  And now I'm working on a sequel to an unpublished YA novelette involving a boy and a dragon.  It's fun.  Hopefully when I've finished that I can get back to Euterpe.

As of May 28, 2012

Currently working on Euterpe Episode 5 in collaboration with Enrico Toro to finish off his story arc in the 1632 universe.  I'm roughly 2000 words into it, and expect to hit 12-15 thousand. 


1.  Complete the Johann Bach story arc in the 1632 universe.

2.  I have at least two other 1632 stories slowly starting to form in the deep dark recesses of the back of the mind.  One will be a Byron and Gotthilf story with a working title of Hide Trouble From My Eyes.  The other is a music story that is just niggling around the edges of my perception.  No idea who will be involved in it yet, although Franz and Marla might be the safest bet.

Fire and Salt and Blood:

I'm 70K words into a fantasy novel very loosely based on Celtic culture.  (Yeah, I know, everyone does Celtic.  I would have liked something Oriental, myself, but the muse brought me Celtic.  Honest.)

A Wrench in the Monkey Works:

Possible title for a sequel to The Quiet Man.  No words yet, but ideas are definitely beginning to gel.


6 Responses to What Am I Working On Now?

  1. Margaret Middleton says:

    As I write this, I am on page 310 of _Music & Murder_. I've got most of these stories already, in various issues of the "Grantville Gazette" series, but I was SO delighted to find them all collected!  Your musician characters [as a group!] are far and away my favorite people in the G.Zett-verse, and Byron & Gotthilf are not all THAT far behind. Maybe with the kids who found the vintage moonshine in the old mine tunnel, and Minnie Hugelmair [wherever-all she appears] coming in-between. I'm looking forward to _The Devil's Opera_, which I bought the ebook-of at the same time as _Music & Murder_. 

    • David says:

      Thanks for dropping by!  I'm glad you like Marla and company, and I'm very glad you like the book.  I think you'll enjoy The Devil's Opera as well.  :-)

  2. Bert Paredes says:


    Your stories about the impact of 20th century music on the 1632 universe are among the best of all the fiction written for the 1632 series. It's sometimes hard to realize that your characters aren't real people. 

    With all the books and 65 Grantville Gazettes so far, it's hard to know where to find a particular story. Could you please tell me where the continuation of your stories "Hallelujah I" and "Hallelujah II" can be found?


    - Bert

    • David says:

      Hi, Bert!

      Thanks for the kind words.

      Within the flow of the Franz and Marla story arc, the next story after that would be “Elegy”,  which was actually published before “Hallelujah”.  The story after “Elegy” is the novel 1636: The Devil”s Opera.  And that’s as far as their story has gotten.


  3. Michael Blevins says:

    I find it amusing that so many authors fail to keep their fans informed as to what is forthcoming, when to expect it and where it might be published.  We (usually) understand that plans and schedules change.  Can you fill us in?

    • David says:

      Mea culpa for both being tardy with updates and for not filtering your comment out of a bunch of spam comments and addressing it earlier.

      I have updated both the Bibliography page and the What Am I Working On Now page to reflect the current status on pretty much everything.  Hope you see some things you like.


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