Newest Story Available Soon

Well, the Grantville Gazette team has started building Volume 76, the next issue of the e-magazine.  My novelette Requiem for the Future will be the lead story in the issue, from what I understand.  It's a Franz and Marla story, for those of you who are among their fans, and it tackles a theme not often explored in the ROF universe–the price paid by the up-timers for their bringing the elements and trappings of late 20th century American culture to the past.

I think you'll like it, but fair warning:  you may want a box of tissues handy when you read it.


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  1. Margaret Middleton says:

    Is there actual music for the poem "Requiem for the Future"? Ifyes, has anyone tackled actually performing it? Ifyes, WHEN AND WHERE??!?

    • David says:

      Hi Margaret -

      No, at the moment, there is no music for that song available.  However, I am considering approaching a friend who is a superb musician to see if he would take a crack at it.  I know sort of what it should sound like, but I’m way too far away from my music writing days to try to write it myself.

      I will say that in my mind it has a feel and a flavor of something like this:

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