Made Another Sale!

Grantville Gazette bought my story Lex Talionis last night.  It's another Franz and Marla story, and it comes right after 1636: The Devil's Opera in their timeline.  Not short.  (Heh.  I wrote it.  Of course it's not short.)  It came in at a bit over 11,000 words.

I need to issue a tissue warning with this one.  :-)

Not sure when it will be published.  Issue 73 will go up on September 1, and I think they've already got Issue 74 blocked out, so the earliest it could show up would be Issue 75, which will be the January 2018 issue.  But it may even be later than that, depending on what other stories they have in their inventory that need to be published.  We'll just have to wait and see.  Of course, sooner would be better for those of you who follow my work.  :-)


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