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Advance Notice

The only con I expect to make this year is SoonerCon 23, June 27-29, 2014. Midwest City, Ok.  Guest of Honor is Glen Cook. If you're in the Oklahoma City area, drop by. D

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Return of the Author

So, at long last returned to Span of Empire.  Been off it for waaaaay too long.  Tonight I rewrote a scene that had basically been part of the cause of my block.  It was a good scene, but not for the characters, and for the longest time I couldn't find a path out.  Path found […]

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And to round off the evening, a Fictorians blurb

The Fictorians writing blog dedicated March 2014 to blogs about various legal issues of which writers ought to be aware.  Lots of good topics, including taxes, contracts, copyrights, and other such legal stuff.  We pulled in a number of guest posters, including M. Scott Boone, who blogs at  (Go read his stuff.)  And yours truly […]

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Something I forgot to mention…

Back last year, second quarter, maybe, I wrote a nice long 1632-verse novella involving my characters Byron and Gotthilf.  It came in at a bit over 33,000 words.  The final title was Hide Trouble From Mine Eyes. The original game plan was for it to be combined with the earlier Byron and Gotthilf stories and be […]

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Latest News on 1636: The Devil’s Opera

The book seems to be selling well in both paper and e-formats.  [sounds of unseemly celebration in the background]. For those of you who like audiobooks, 1636: The Devil's Opera is now available in audio format.  Check it out at

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Apologies and Mea Culpas

I have been absent from here for (counts on fingers) about four months. No real excuse, other than I was dealing with a lot of stress in my day job and in other Real Life ™ situations that just pretty much suppressed my writing, both non-fiction and fiction. Apologies to all. I’ll try not to […]

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