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Progress Is Made

Took the day off from the day job to get a jump on the holiday weekend.  Spent the afternoon putting the polish on a novella which Eric Flint has taken for Ring of Fire IV before I could even put it on the 1632 Slush Pile.  

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Look What Just Arrived!

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And here’s the new cover

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Breaking News

I have signed a contract with Baen for an e-book to be entitled 1635: Music and Murder. It will contain all of the 1632 music stories except the Johann Bach stories. Yes, this means that the main Franz and Marla cycle will now be available in a single book. The book will also contain the […]

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Another Pleasant Surprise

I arrived home tonight after a long day at the day job to find that the folks at Grantville Gazette e-magazine have launched a new program called "Grantville Singles", where they are releasing what they consider to be noteworthy uncollected or unanthologized stories from the Gazette as e-book singles.  My story "The Evening of the […]

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Various bits, none of which is enough for a single post

1.  The current project is going well, having moved past 60,000 words a few days ago. 2.  I'm looking at doing a few readings at book stores in support of the October release of 1636: The Devil's Opera, to which end I am working with Baen's publicist.  Definitely scheduling some things in Oklahoma.  Looking at […]

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