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  1. Don Zettel says:

    First I want to say thank you for your stories in the 1632 universe.  I have enjoyed all the stories about the music as it develops and also the few stories about the burgeoning Madeburg police force.  You bring characters to life very well and your stories flow smoothly.  Can you give me an idea of when we will see another 1632 story?  I was surprised to see that Music and Murder was your first book in the series that pulled together many of stories you had previously written in short story form and The Devil’s Opera a bit over a year ago is your only other title.  Have you had anything published outside of 1632?  Mostly I want to say I enjoy your writing and look forward to reading more of it.

    • David says:

      Well, I know I responded to this comment and published the response.  I must have accidentally deleted it when I cleaned out some spam some time back.  Oops.  As I recall, I said something like:

      Don -

      Thanks for commenting, and thanks for your interest in my writing.  The next 1632 story will be Hide Trouble From Mine Eyes, which will be published by Baen in Ring of Fire IV in May of 2016.  After that, in September 2016, Baen will publish The Span of Empire, which is another collaborative novel between me and Eric Flint that is laid in Eric’s Jao Empire series.  That will be my first major work published outside of 1632/Ring of Fire.  I think you’ll enjoy it.

      Thanks again for commenting.


  2. Janet Lewis says:

    David-I'm just reading your Gazette volume 46 piece on musical development and  wondering when you are going to write the story of Johann Bach's discovery of PDQ? Your fans are waiting…..

    Janet Lewis

    • David says:

      Hi Janet -

      Actually, that will probably happen if I can ever get back to the uncompleted Johann Bach story and get it finished. It’s been on the shelf for a few years while I wrote three novels, but I’m hoping to finish it in the not-too-distant future.

      Thanks for stopping by!


      • Janet Lewis says:


        • David says:

          Janet -

          PDQ BACH is about to be mentioned in the Ring of Fire universe!  :-)  This will occur in my novella “Etude” which I believe will be serialized in Grantville Gazette beginning with the next issue.



  3. Dear David:

         Thanks for all the great stories!  When you compiled the writings from the 1632 Slush for the Grantville Gazette tale "The Tax Man Cometh" you left out a piece in which Tom Stone states that he built the Lothlorien dome for Moonstar (who was mother of one of his sons).  Since that was omitted from the final story, does that mean it is not canon that he was the person responsible for erecting the dome?  I think that it would be more interesting to future developments if the dome was already up when he joined the commune.  That way he would not know about a hidden compartment that is revealed as the dome is taken down in preparation for Magdalene's new house (without rabbits!).  Sealed in plastic inside a metal footlocker, interesting items,possibly illicit, might be found: photographs, drugs (hash, blotter acid), love beads (or other jewelry), a diary,  letters, etc.

    I started reading the 1632 series (novels, Grantville Gazette,, and all the entries for the Ring of Fire) las March and have been very impressed with the quality and coherence of the writings thus far.  Keep up the good work.


                               Charles Whittle (aka HulaBear)

    • David says:

      Hi Charles -

      Thanks for writing.  Glad you like GG.

      Your presumption is correct.  The omission of that fragment from that story means that it’s not part of canon.  That makes your idea possible.  Whether it’s likely or not is another question.  :-)

      Thanks for reading GG!


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