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Dragon Awards Final Reminder

Midnight tonight is the close of the Dragon Award voting time period. You still have time to register and vote if you haven't. Keep in mind that The Span of Empire, a novel I co-authored with Eric Flint, was nominated for Best Military SF Novel, and Eric's solo novel 1636: The Ottoman Onslaught was nominated for Best Alternate History […]

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Voting Reminder

Copied from the DragonCon website: Vote now for the 2017 Dragon Awards! Posted on August 4, 2017 by admin The nomination period for the 2017 Dragon Awards has ended; so what do you do now? Make sure you are registered to vote, check out the 2017 ballot, and vote for your favorites! Note – you […]

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More on the Dragon Awards

The link to the full nominations list is here: The link to the request for a ballot is here: Go thou and vote! D

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2017 Dragon Award Nominations Have Been Announced!

And I have a book on the list! Under the Best Military Science Fiction category The Span of Empire, by Eric Flint and David Carrico Whee!!! So, now you know who to vote for. And while you're voting, consider voting for Eric's novel 1636: The Ottoman Onslaught in the Best Alternate History category. D

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Bit of An Update…

… and all that. Finished the first draft of an outline for the next Jao novel and sent it to senior author Eric Flint.  We don't have a contract for it yet, so this is all preliminary and "on spec" so to speak, but I believe when the sales figures for The Span of Empire […]

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The State of Reviewing

I know a lot of writers get really worked up about reviews and reviewers, stressing over the quantity and ratings level as if they were a factor in the welfare of the universe.  I've seen some writers go ballistic over a single poor rating, or get in flame wars with reviewers or other writers about […]

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A Contest! A Chance at a Freebie! What Have You Got to Lose? A giveaway of a free ebook of The Muse of Music.  Try it!  You'll like it! D

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I’m Back!

Okay, this is going to be a pretty mammoth update. First of all, major apologies for disappearing, but the host of my website had to make some technical updates late last year, and in the process of doing so, my website package got somewhat discombobulated, and long story short, it took a while to get […]

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Declaring a Wrap

So. I am declaring the first draft of "Fire, Salt, and Blood" to be completed at 179,275 words.. Huzzah! There will undoubtedly be a second draft, and probably even a third. They will not take nearly as long to produce. I really hope I can keep the final file within 180,000 words. However, I am […]

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Recent Interview

Did a phone interview with Tony Daniel from Baen today. It will appear on this Friday's Baen podcast. Tony discussed the practice of collaboration with me and with Joelle Presby, David Weber's co-author on the forthcoming "The Road to Hell". We both have collaborated with major authors, and our most recent works were both produced […]

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