I'm very dilatory in mentioning that I had a post go up on on June 26.  I was on the road at the time, and didn't have reliable internet access.  I'll try to plan better in the future.

Anyway, it deals mainly with aspects of connecting and professionalism, and you can read it here.


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Forthcoming schedule news!

Well, some good news tonight.  Word when Baen will issue a couple of my new works. 

May 2016 – hardback anthology Ring of Fire IV will  have my 33K + word novella "Hide Trouble From Mine Eyes".  (My third ROF anthology appearance). 

September 2016 – hardback novel The Span of Empire, collaboration with Eric Flint.


The countdown clocks have started.  smiley


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Grantville Gazette News

My story "The Hair of the Dog" will be coming out as part of Grantville Gazette VII next month from Baen Books.  There will be a number of other very good stories in that anthology as well.  Get thee hence and purchase it.  :-)


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Good news tonight!

Just got a royalty statement from Baen. 1635: Music and Murder sold 1156 copies between 1/1/2014 and 6/30/2014. That makes over 3600 copies of the ebook sold in the first nine months of publication.

Respectable, I believe. :-)


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Dealing with the muse….

I don't often suffer writer's block.  It does happen to me occasionally.  Most of the time I don't consider it to be a real block, though.  Rather, what's usually happened is I've written myself to a place where I can't make the story move any further.  This usually happens because I didn't write something correctly some time before that, and my muse, or my subconscious, or my intuition, or something, just won't let me go any farther until I fix it.  The problem is that I never get any hint as to what the problem is.  I have to keep going back over what I've written until finally something breaks loose and I see it.

Case in point:  currently working on Fire, Salt, and Blood, making revisions to earlier draft material (four years old) to make it cohesive and bring it in line with what the current concept of the story is.  I've been hung for about two weeks.  I had written to a place, and the next night when I came in, I couldn't pick it up and go.  Ditto for each successive night, until tonight.  I finally figured out what was keeping the story from moving forward. I moved back up the line about three pages, carved four words out of an existing sentence to start a new sentence, and added twenty-three new words to them to make a new sentence.  Then I moved back down to the stuck place, and things started flowing.  Five hundred and eighty-seven words later, I called it a night, having completed the revision of a section that I started eighteen days ago.  

I don't mind these things happening….I just wish the muse (or my subconscious, or whatever), would be a little more helpful about pointing out what the problem is.  :-)

Rolling total = 81,847.


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As the year draws to a close…

Well, I look back and see that I haven't been a diligent about posting here as I should have.  Sorry.  I'll try to do better in 2015.

It's been a good year, writing-wise.  Sales of 1635: Music and Murder and 1636: The Devil's Opera, which were both published around October 1, 2013, continued strong into 2014, according to the royalty statements from Baen.  The mass market paperback edition of 1636: The Devil's Opera was released in October 2014.

Also in 2014,  Eric  Flint and I completed The Span of Empire, the third book in Eric's Jao series, and submitted it to Baen in September.  I was asked to step in and help complete the book after Eric's original collaborator, K. D. (Kathy) Wentworth passed away in April 2012 due to complications from cancer and surgery.  I only met Kathy a couple of times, but she was a good writer, a good friend to almost everyone who met her, and through her work in the Writer's of the Future annual contest she touched and influenced the lives and careers of a lot of new writers.  She also had a major place in science fiction fandom, particularly in the Tulsa SF community.  Her death left a big hole in the lives of a lot of people, and she was, is, and will continue to be missed.  She also left some big shoes to fill in writing the first draft of The Span of Empire, and I was very aware of that when I accepted the invitation from Eric to come on board the project to help finish the first draft.  It was an interesting project in a lot of ways, but I'll leave that for another post.  I am very thankful to Eric Flint for offering me the opportunity and to Toni Weisskopf, publisher at Baen, for supporting that decision.  The result is a story that I think fans of the series will enjoy.  I haven't heard yet if it has been slotted into Baen's publishing schedule.

I posted a few articles at during the year, the latest of which went up three days ago and can be found at

And I'm not sitting on my mostly-non-existent-laurels.  I have two different fantasy novels under way, at the moment.  I hope to have the first one completed within the next six months.  And I'm also exploring some opportunities for publishing some short fiction.

So 2014 was a good year, and I'm looking forward to 2015.


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And We Have A Name

The working title for the major project is Fire, Salt, and Blood.  I'm a little farther into it than I thought.  With what I wrote tonight, currently sitting at 75,788 words.

Not sure how long it will be.  At the moment, I'm guessing about 150K.  But since I tend to underestimate these things, it may well come in longer than that.  :-)


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News Update

Royalty statement received from Baen.  1636: The Devil's Opera sold over 6300 copies of the hardback edition between 10/1/2013 and 6/30/2014.  It also seems to have sold about the same number of e-book editions in the same period.  This is good.

Just finished a post for Fictorians, scheduled for Dec 26 at the moment.

Major project is revising a half-finished fantasy novel, coming of age plus revenge.  60K + words into it.

Minor project is completing the possible YA/light adult fantasy that's been in the works for a little while.


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The Span of Empire update

The Span of Empire has been submitted to the publisher.  (Whew.  Glad that's done.)

I don't know when it will be published, but my guess is either late 2015 or early 2016.


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Span is Done

Ahem…[drum roll, please]

It is with great pleasure (and exhaustion) that I announce that the first draft of The Span of Empire has been completed and sent to my senior author collaborator, Eric Flint.

Final count – 167,009 words.


That is all.


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