Ring of Fire IV eARC Is Out!

Great news! For those of you who follow my Byron and Gotthilf stories in the 1632/Ring of Fire universe, the electronic advance reader's copy (eARC) of the newest anthology, Ring of Fire IV, just became available. The book is scheduled for publication in May, but this is an advance release of the unedited manuscript for those who like such things and are unwilling to wait any longer than they have to to read it.

In addition to stories by David Brin (squee!), Chuck Gannon, and Walter Hunt, it also contains a novella by me, in which the intrepid detectives Byron and Gotthilf deal with Magdeburg's first serial killer. 

Go check it out at the link below, and feel free to purchase and review.

It has a cool cover by the oh-so-talented Tom Kidd.

It also has a story in it by some guy named Eric Flint. :-)

So go look, buy, read, review.



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On Being A GPS Writer

My latest blog for Fictorians is up today here.


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Cover art for The Span of Empire


Isn't it cool?



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And more Forthcoming news…

Eric Flint has announced that he has submitted the final manuscript for the Ring of Fire IV anthology to Baen Books.  This volume is somewhat unique, in that it contains, in addition to contributions by Eric himself and some of the regulars in the series, a story by none other than David Brin!  How cool is that?

As it happens, I have a rather lengthy novella in the anthology (approximately 32,000 words) entitled "Hide Trouble From Mine Eyes."  I hadn't written it for the anthology, but when Eric read it he insisted on buying it for Ring of Fire IV.  So what's an author to do?  smiley

Anyway, Ring of Fire IV will be published in May 2016.  If you're a 1632/Ring of Fire fan, buy it.  If you're a David Brin fan, buy it.  If you're not either one, buy it so you can see what you've been missing.  It has another really cool cover by Tom Kidd, and it's available for Amazon preorder at http://www.amazon.com/Ring-Fire-IV/dp/1476781249/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1448333001&sr=8-1&keywords=ring+of+fire+iv


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Get Your Red-Hot Book Right Here!

My next book, my second novel, is now available for preorder at Amazon.


This is the third in Eric Flint's Jao Empire series.  The first two novels in the series (The Course of Empire & The Crucible of Empire) were coauthored by K.D. Wentworth.  Unfortunately, she passed away in April 2012 from cancer-related causes, leaving a barely begun manuscript for the third novel.  Eric allowed me to step in and fill the gap.  If you're a fan of the series, I think you'll like the results.  Eric's outline for the story was intense.

If you're not familiar with the series, why not?  You've got time to read the first two books and get all caught up with the story before #3 comes out.  :-)


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Declaring a Wrap

So. I am declaring the first draft of "Fire, Salt, and Blood" to be completed at 179,275 words.. Huzzah!

There will undoubtedly be a second draft, and probably even a third.

They will not take nearly as long to produce. :-)

I really hope I can keep the final file within 180,000 words. However, I am not holding my breath about that one. :-)

Shipping file off to alpha readers now.


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And The Interview Is Up

At  http://www.baen.com/podcast/podcast.asp

Hopefullyl I don't sound to stumble-tongued.  :-)



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Recent Interview

Did a phone interview with Tony Daniel from Baen today. It will appear on this Friday's Baen podcast. Tony discussed the practice of collaboration with me and with Joelle Presby, David Weber's co-author on the forthcoming "The Road to Hell". We both have collaborated with major authors, and our most recent works were both produced from series where the previous co-authors were unable to continue the series; hers being the aforementioned "The Road to Hell", and mine being the forthcoming "The Span of Empire" in Eric Flint's Jao Empire series.

We had such a good time with it, that we may take that on the road as a convention panel. I can see it now: Walking with Giants–What It's Like to Collaborate with David Weber and Eric Flint.



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Another Status Report – And Snippet

A report on the current project:  as of the moment, sitting and over 158,800 words.  Progress is happening nicely.

And below is a sample of tonight's work.  Enjoy.


            Samara took a piece of cloth and folded it around the handle of the pot to lift it and set it aside on a piece of slate to cool.  Then she lifted her face to her husband.  He froze as he saw the ice in her eyes.

            "Our sons are gone from us; Duncan for twelve more years, Llêw for perhaps three.  My tent is empty of family, but for me and thee.  And you allowed it; you even aided it.  You insisted that Lorana give Duncan his clan marks, only she gave him far more than that, didn't she?  What did she do to our son that you gave her nine of your prized horses for it, hmm, when one scraggly colt would surely have been enough?"

            She stood and faced Nial, hands fisted on her hips.  "Why did you not fight harder for Duncan?  Why did you allow them to banish him?  You could have swayed more of them.  I know this."  She paused a beat.  "I know this, Nial.  So tell me, now that my tent is as barren as my womb, why?  What did your brother Jamesh tell you that brought you to this?"



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